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Supply Chain Integration


The SC.WORX platform operates as a 'middleware' solution to support interoperability between the three core healthcare systems of SCM, Financial and Clinical.  We will establish a consolidated source of truth that resides in the MMIS.  SCWorx implement a middleware software solution which seamlessly moves data from one application and database to another to consolidate files.  The goal is to establish semantic interoperability between the three systems so that each system can exchange data elements and effectively use the information that has been exchanged.  Success requires both the structuring of the data exchange and the codification of the data, including vocabulary, so that the receiving information technology systems can interpret the data. 


SC.WORX fundamentally changes the MMIS.  Initially SC.WORX creates individual business rules to address the normalization of the item master within the SC.WORX platform.  This approach maps a clients’ business rules to fulfill the customers’ need to work within their core systems (PeopleSoft, Meditech, Epic, etc.), to meet the technical capabilities of their operators, to fix the item master and establish the IMF as the single source of truth (SSOT) for all supply-related transactions within the hospital.  Linking the MMIS item master to the CDM and CIS will achieve a level of system interoperability that provides dramatic improvements in labor efficiency, charge capture, and visibility to cost per case.      

SC.WORX has taken a unique path in the healthcare industry by focusing on content management.  To get the data foundation accurate SC.WORX built a translation engine which utilizes more than 50,000 business rules to equate, cross-reference and repair supply terminology.  SC.WORX has also incorporated UNSPSC, GMDN, HCPCS, GUDI, GTIN, common vernacular, and a unique approach to categorization that allows many different simultaneous classification assignments to operate in multiple classification schemas – all of which enable uniquely powerful cross-reference capabilities.


SC.WORX will establish the MMIS IMF as the SSOT to provide the “vocabulary” and its “meaning”.  Data about the data – supply metadata will be associated with the IMF linking each data element to a controlled, shared vocabulary will provide the foundation of the data exchange that will pave the way for accurate and reliable communication between a healthcare providers core systems.

Supply Chain Integration and Management

• Rebate Manager Module - Historical with frequent updates

• Contract Manager Module - Automatically push price changes

• Compliance for Standard and Non-Standard products

• Reporting for Contract Administration Fees

Supply Chain Data Warehouse

• Update on a schedule (up to every 5 minutes)

• Master data warehouse updates occur without intervention

• Opportunity and results tracking

• GPO Optimization

• Peer comparison benchmark

Data Integration

• Identify duplicates and manage consolidation

• Automate the addition of new items

• Maintain CIS dictionary

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