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Current healthcare provider data environments do not meet minimal acceptable limits to successfully negotiate the deep, real time connections required to support clinical documentation and billing systems.  These deficiencies significantly diminish the potential value of the data and correlating processes.  At a minimum, abnormal data requires significant focus and resources from senior personnel in order to process basic administrative tasks. 


SCWorx leverages the industry’s most comprehensive data base – pulling product data from the FDA GUDID, GS1 Rev Code sources, etc. to establish the MMIS Item Master as the Single Source of Truth for all supply-related data exchanges to support interoperability between the three core systems of SCM, Financial and Clinical.  The MMIS Item Master moves the data from one application to another, between databases and consolidates files for retrospective analysis. 

This structure enables semantic interoperability, for supply-related data, between the three systems so that each system can exchange data elements and use the information that has been exchanged.  Success requires both the structuring of the data exchange and the codification of the data including vocabulary so that the receiving information technology systems can interpret the data. 

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