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Product Overview

SCWorx offers a suite of advanced content management capabilities which instills accuracy and interoperability within the healthcare providers critical business systems.  SCWorx products and services enable efficient cost management, accurate reporting and improved revenue opportunities:

Foundational Data Preparation
• Item Master normalization
• Product, vendor and contract mapping
• Product categorization: Standard and Non-Standard
• Repair the Unit of Measure
• Establish Revenue Codes and Flags


Item Master Automation
• IMF Automation
• New item addition


Supply Chain Integration and Management
• Rebate Manager Module - Historical with frequent updates
• Contract Manager Module - Automatically push price changes
• Compliance for Standard and Non-Standard products
• Reporting for Contract Administration Fees


Supply Chain Data Warehouse
• Update on a schedule (up to every 5 minutes)
• Master data warehouse updates occur without intervention
• Opportunity and results tracking
• GPO Optimization
• Peer comparison benchmark


Charge Description Master
• Real-time integration and automation of IM+CIS+CDM
• Combination of UNSPSC/CDM modifier/numeric
• CDM price change management


Data Integration
• Identify duplicates and manage consolidation
• Automate the addition of new items
• Maintain CIS dictionary

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