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Item Master Normalization

SCWorx establishes the Materials Management Information System (MMIS) Item Master as the Single Source of Truth (SSOT) for all supply-related data exchanges. The SCWorx solution normalizes data at a very high rate of accuracy and supports interoperability between the three core healthcare provider systems; Supply Chain, Financial and Clinical. This SSOT moves data from one application to another to drive supply cost reductions, optimize contracts, increase SCM cost visibility and control rebates and contract administration fees.


Initial data cleansing and normalization including:


  • Foundational data preparation

  • Product, vendor and contract mapping

  • Normalize vendors names with parent : child relationships

  • Normalize manufacturer name and manufacturer code

  • Normalize product descriptions

  • Normalize and update Manufacturer Master Table

  • Correct and normalize UOP with UOM string information

  • Enriched data strings

    • Recommendations as appropriate regarding classification use case

    • Classifications: UNSPSC, Custom, Primrose standard

      • Update Category Table in MMIS

      • Map category codes to UNSPSCs

    • Assign UNSPSC classification to all PPI and Commodities

    • Optional enrichment per client

      • CDM Linked to Item Information

      • HCPCS, Rev Code, Sterility Flags, Implantable Flags,

      • Resource Codes, Sourcing Codes

      • Record at time of use:  serial, lot and expiration date (Manual)

      • Data delivered Real Time in a JIT environment

  • Compare Item Master to PO history to recommend de-activations or additions

  • Automation

  • New item addition

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