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Through the partnership with SC.WORX, a contractual savings guarantee will be provided.  After 12 months from the completion of full implementation, the Customer will realize savings on a 3:1 basis based on Customers 1st year (2018) investment (equal to the sum of paid fees) identified by SC.WORX and realized by Customer within the initial twelve (12) months of Productive Use of the SC.WORX Service. 


Realized savings are those savings derived solely from the reduction in supply costs of products actually received by the Customer in the following manner:  1) Customer and IMLogix, or SC.WORX, shall jointly work on cost reduction projects as outlined in “Step 4b” of the SOW; 2)  Through SC.WORX, IMLogix will collect the last price paid for an item prior to executing a jointly negotiated product – the last price paid shall be the cost that the realized savings shall be calculated against; 3) IMLogix shall track the item for 12 months and calculate a Realized Savings by subtracting the new cost versus the Last Price Paid times the utilization. Should Customer not achieve the Realized Savings guaranteed under this Agreement within the time specified then IMLogix will stop invoicing until the 3x savings has been achieved.  This guarantee is only available for the first year of Service.

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