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Charge Master Repair


The chargemaster controls the flow of departmental revenue to respective payors. Common chargemaster errors drive reimbursement and compliance issues and errors that ultimately impact the profitability, reputation and customer service perceptions of the healthcare provider. Many department leaders have little or no understanding of the chargemaster data elements, or the importance of proper CDM structure for reimbursement and compliance. SC.WORX is closely aligned with departmental business managers and coders that have a roll in chargemaster creation, maintenance, audits and updates to ensure a complete compliant billing practice.


Common errors are identified, and successful, proven methods are implemented to deliver accurate infomration and reporting as well as to mitigate future risk. The implemented processes allow for accurate reporting throughout the revenue cycle of chargemaster elements ensuring that servicing departments, coding and the business office all share the same understanding of the complex information contained in  the chargemaster.

Charge Description Master

• Real-time integration and automation of IM+CIS+CDM

• Combination of UNSPSC/CDM modifier/numeric

• CDM price change management

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